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Falling in love with your new home was the easy part, the hardest was finding out there might be some things that are not lovable at all. When you hire my warranty inspection services, you’ll get a deep examination of the overall condition of your house before your 12-month new build warranty expires.

As the owner of Certified Property Inspections, my goal is to provide homeowners in Fort Collins, CO, a thorough and precise inspection. This way, I’m able to find issues that were not found before or might have occurred during the homeownership process.

A Home Inspection Warranty Saves You Money in the Long Run

Prevent Future Damages

Each of my warranty inspection services is done with close attention to detail and attentiveness to any defect popping out. After I finish, you will have a detailed report, so your builder warranty can cover any issue found.

For example, by having a foundation inspection now, you’ll know what’s wrong, and the warranty will pay for it. But if you realize years later down the road, the cost and damage will be higher, and you will have to bear the cost.

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Whenever you need reliable warranty inspection services in Fort Collins, CO, I’ll be there to help! Rely on my company to get the job done; I guarantee efficient and high-quality workmanship. Reach out to me now and get a free estimate on your service.

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